Parish Government

Helping Veterans – Kinsey B, Max M, Asante W

In Action on November 3, 2010 at 9:35 pm

As citizens of the United States we are not only endowed with certain unalienable rights but are also entrusted with responsibilities. Among these responsibilities is the necessity to be informed on current events throughout the world and on a smaller scale, within the nation. Taking political action not only entales voting, paying taxes, and working, but also includes speaking up for how you would like your country to be run. Without the voice of the people being heard our country would no longer be a democracy. That is why it’s so important for people to speak up for what they believe in, that it might be a cause for change within the government. For young adults, often times the only way to take political action is by campaigning for a cause.

As a group we have become passionate about helping poverty stricken veterans return home. As government workers who have bravely served our nation, they should be able to come home to a comfortable life style. Instead many are coming home to no home at all. Others are traumatized by their experiences in war or even injured, without the funds for surgery. While some veterans are addicted to drugs or alcohol. The National Veterans Foundation provides information to uninformed readers about the crisis many veterans are coming home to face. The site also provides a place to make simple donations in order to help a veteran. Making a donation to the National Veterans Foundation goes towards their rehabilitation so they may move away from the path of drug and alcohol addiction. It could also go toward paying for a surgeory of an injured veteran.

Like a Political Action Committee, we found a group of interest that we wanted to support and began spreading word throughout our community. We took political action of a smaller scale in the sense that we worked within our community, but the power of words can go a long way. We attempted to share our passionate views with listeners in hopes that they may feel the same and further spread our words.

Without a source to spread knowledge on current affairs, a community is doomed to be ignorant. An ignorant community has no way of participating in government without knowing issues politicians are campaigning for. Without the ability to vote for an officeholder, the United States can no longer be considered a democracy. In total, the cycle to make a correct democracy function all begins with the spread of knowledge. We simply worked at the bottom of the democratic pyramid and took action by evoking curiosity and giving knowledge to unknowing citizens, so that they may make better more informed decisions when it comes election time.

  1. I can tell that your group is passionate about this cause. The foundation was very well explained and related back to something I am familiar with. It seems like you really planned out how to make a difference your community. This project is very well thought out and nicely executed.

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