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Impact Statement – Abby W, Addie A, Hallie S, and Alex Y

In Impact on November 3, 2010 at 9:52 pm

At the beginning of this project we had no idea what we were going to do. How could four girls, in high school, change the mind of fellow students about voting? Especially since some of us didn’t really feel passionate about it ourselves?  

What we decided to do is learn more about our government. We looked at statistics comparing youth with elder voting. Additionally, we looked at percentages, histories, and we did everything we could to understand more. Then, we had to develop an idea of how to impact our peers. We decided to interview our fellow students. We asked them some of the following questions. Are they involved in politics? Is their family heavily involved in any political organizations? Are their friends? Do they plan on voting, etc. Some of the answers were different, however, one common theme occurred continuously. They seemed nonchalant about the subject. None of them acted as if it really mattered, or that they even cared. After we interviewed them, we showed them the same information we had used to develop the brochure and create our survey. The results were nice since most circled yes, but it still seemed half-hearted. Watching how these teenagers, the future leaders of this country, didn’t feel any passion or show any interest when it comes to our government astounded me. We can’t say if we truly impacted those we interviewed or gave the brochures to. What we can say is that while doing this project it impacted us. We learned more about what it takes to vote, what it’s been like in the past, and how we can change it for the future. We learned that politics and involvement is important to maintain what rights and freedoms we have in this country. We learned what it takes to take care of America.

The idea of impacting everyone in our generation would be great, but also difficult. However, the impact it has made on the four of us is tremendous. Hopefully, we can start a chain-reaction of awareness and activism.

  1. This made us think about how important it is to “plant a seed” when addressing an issue this overwhelming. Through this project you first educated yourselves and were then able to go out and spread the ideas you had formed. This introduced the idea that political knowledge is not valued by enough people and because you did so the people you talked to are now more aware and can go on to spread the word. The pamphlet was a great way to give people a hard copy of facts and ways to get involved that they can refer back to and even show to others. Overall you did a great job of raising awareness among yourselves and others which can be passed on to people who may not have voted before and because of you they will rethink their ability to contribute to the political process.

  2. I personnaly applaud your group for it’s efforts, because I personnaly before this project had no interest in the political process but now I too find it too be important. The point you raised of how it is vital for young americans to understand the political process also inspired me to become more educated about politics. I do agree with your statement too that when one takes polls of thier peers about this project the students tend to do the poll “half-heartidly” and put no effort forth, but i applaud your group for becoming inspired to take part in the political process as a result of this project.

  3. I think you made a great job on your project. I specially agree on the statement that you said that if young Americans do not start getting in to the habit of voting now it is very probable that they won’t vote on the future when they are older. I as well agree on your point that for young Americans to be involved in politics, they must be informed and well educated on that subject. Being informed and well educated will also trigger an interest and students might start caring more about politics. Over all, I think you guys created a good amount of impact, and did a great job on the project.

    • Thank you to everyone for your input and interest in our project. We really appreciate it 🙂

      -the group

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