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Impact Statement – Catherine G, Haley B, Austin M

In Impact on November 3, 2010 at 9:17 pm

Our political action project was absolutely effective in making an impact. As under aged young adults we decided to take action to impact the upcoming election. Because of our age we are not eligible to vote but we believe that making an impact in an election is measured by more than by simply casting a vote. Our goal was to make an impact not only on the election by encouraging voters but to set an example for other teens and young adults to find ways to get involved in politics. Many people have lost sight of the importance of casting votes. It doesn’t take much to completely impact an election. The Bush v Gore election in 2000 came down to just 537 votes! If 538 more people had voted for Gore the election, and the country could be totally different then it is now. Because of these statistics it is apparent that it takes as few as 500 people to alter the course of our government. We chose to help out the community by educating people when and where to vote and we even made it possible for older residents to receive their mail in ballots so they had an equal chance to vote. This work is very important because people need to be comfortable and educated about how and where to vote. Giving people the option to be able to vote by mail increases voter turnout especially among seniors who are not able to go out and vote in person. Many among the seniors that we called were not aware and had not ordered a vote by mail application and our brief explanations of the application were enough for them to order one, now it is convenient for those men and women to vote and now they will know about the vote by mail application for future elections. Those few votes could make a difference in the upcoming election. Also, in order to be able to talk to people about voting and candidates we had to be educated more about the election process and how each candidate has different values that will, and will not, appeal to certain people. When talking with the people that we were volunteering for we got to listen to many different opinions about current events. Sometimes it is difficult for young adults to be exposed to all opinions when they only talk about politics with their parents so hearing and understanding the opinions of different people was very impactful to each of us. Now that we understand the election process better we can inform our friends and spread the word about how important it is to be active in government no matter how old you are. We ended up making 634 calls in all, which could have ultimately changed the 2000 election, or any election by comparison. The calls we made served many purposes. We made people aware of voting, mail in ballots, the candidates, and we made sure that they knew who they were voting for and what that stood for. There were many people we influenced to vote, and many people that where not aware of the voting options. Those people were potential nonvoters that we impacted in a big way. In the end those 634 calls could make a difference in this election and more to come. The calls we made did not only influence the people on the other end of the line. Those calls influenced us and informed us about how important voting is, and even though we may not be of age to vote kids can have a voice just like we did.

  1. This makes me think of the election you stated about bush and gore, and how the 538 votes could have made a difference in the election. What you guys did is really impactful not just to me but as a community. This is important because some people are not informed like others, and if more people are educated about the government/voting process, there will be more votes casted in elections. I like how you guys took the time to call as many people as you did, because even though some of those people might not vote, you still educated them in a positive way. I really did admire your project and I hope it affected all of the people you had contacted.

  2. Thanks, we’re really glad you liked our project. We agree that the work we did was important and made a differnece to the people we taked to, it is important for people to be educated and motivated about voting.

  3. We admire how you targeted the elderly as apposed to people who are younger and may already be aware of the voting process. Your work helped people that might have had trouble getting to the polls and casting their vote. We suggest that instead of just making phone calls, you actually talk to people face to face. We feel that this will result in a larger impact. we appreciate your groups hard work and effort you put forth towards this priject. THANKS!! 🙂

  4. Haley, Austin, and Catherine-
    I really liked your project idea! This was a very good side of politics to focus on, providing elderly people with a means to vote, and making sure people know the candidates and why they should vote for them. I think that phone calls were a very smart way to do it. Our group walked door to door, which was effective, but a little annoying and hot. Great job guys!

  5. This was a really different, but cool way to approach this project. I really liked how yall changed the target age and went to the an older group of people. It seems like yall put a lot of hard work and alot of effort into making this project work, and it seeems like it did. Yall did a really good job.

  6. Chris, Arin, and Meggan; Thanks so much for your insightful comments. We feel as well that it was very beneficial to get in contact with the elferly rather than just the younger generation. Chris, we noticed that you suggested that we meet with people face-to-face, how do you think that would have benefitted more?

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