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Impact Statement – George C and Andrew M

In Impact on November 3, 2010 at 9:28 pm

As we count down the days until the November elections, our group felt the need to announce the importance of voting to the young adults of Dallas, district 32. After reviewing the statistics, our group became aware that, especially in the Dallas metropolitan area, young Americans had a low turnout in the polls. With a dedicated sense of urgency upon us, our student oriented government group took action by making flyers and distributing them to the local residences of Dallas, Texas in various ways. Our impact not only brought Dallas to its feet, but also allowed us to measure our impact on young American voter turnout in the greater Dallas community.

Our first project involving the community was a set of interviews that later helped us construct convincing flyers. Our group agreed that a video would help us gather thoughts and ideas from a plethora of social classes. We wanted to see if different social classes would render different opinions. The citizens of district 32 all had different points of view, and ideas that they shared in the video, but they all agreed that young Americans have an authentic voice in the political process; they also said that they believe young American’s votes do matter. A key point that all of our interviewees touched up on was the lack of education in today’s youth. Part of being an American Citizen is being educated and being able to form your own thoughtful opinions based upon your education. Many young Americans today are not educated about politics, and simply have no enthusiasm about it. Many of our interviewees also agreed that citizens simply don’t care and have the impression that their vote doesn’t matter. However, with thousands of Americans thinking that their vote doesn’t matter, just a few communities could make a huge impact.

Our group’s second approach to the project was the distribution of flyers. In these flyers, our group simply encouraged people to vote on the account that every vote matters. With some quick and catchy phrases, it wasn’t long before we had captivated the attention of the Parish student body and the Dallas community. With the help of a local restaurant manager (Byron Gillory), we were able to post our flyer on a popular political website. It wasn’t long before 403 young citizens from the greater Dallas area informed us that we had influenced them to vote this November. It was quite amazing that in the process of distributing pamphlets, a local restaurant manager just so happened to volunteer to help. Not only were we on the move to encourage young Americans to vote in a nonpartisan way, but so was the young and hopeful Byron Gillory. The flyers not only encouraged the citizens to vote, but it also asked them to inform us of their decision to vote by email or text. The email turned out to be the more common way the voters informed us. Overall the flyers were a huge success; we received 403 emails and 21 texts.

As we approach Election day, our group is able to go to bed, wake up, and drive our Audi A4’s knowing that we made a difference in our community. As our group project came to an end, we came to realize that our mission had just begun; we had already inspired over 420 people to vote, but more importantly we taught ourselves how important political action really is. With that knowledge, those 420 citizens will soon transform into a group of thousands that we will inspire. “Our forefathers intended our voice to be heard in the political process, through the privilege that very few people in this world have, to vote”.- Mr. LockeLord

  1. I think its amazing the amount of work that you all got done. You got so many people to really hear and listen to you, which is two different things. I glad you could really see your progress and not only effect the people around you but yourselves too.

    • Dear Elianah,

      Thank you very much for your encouragement. We too were impressed with the amount of people that responded to us about their decision to vote. We thought we would get around 100 responses; but little did we know that over 400 responses were on their way. We were very excited about the impact we made on our community, District 32. Now that the election is over, it is a good feeling to know that we made a difference in the polls.

      Best Regards,
      Andrew Mowrey and George Collins

  2. Good job guys. The impact you guys achieved was actually fairly large. The amount of responses is impressive. Your approach to the project, and methods of execution proved to be very successful. The webiste proved to be a big factor in spreading the word about your project. That shows how important media and the internet is in todays society.

  3. Thank you guys! As America was founded off the princples of ambition. That ambition has spread through the blood and sweat of our four Fathers. And that my friend, is the true grit of American pride.

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