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Impact Statement – Holly W, Maui P, Abby G

In Impact on November 3, 2010 at 9:46 pm

The main goals of our political action project were to make an impact on the younger generation and inform them about the importance of voting.  We achieved the goals because not only did we make a great impact on the younger generation, we educated them about issues that are debated among parties, candidates, and simply the people. Our prezi presentation gave them facts about voting and emphasized that if they pursued letting their voice to be heard they had the obligation to vote in order to make a difference. Through the mock election that we held they attained a good sense of what to expect as a future voter when it comes to debating over which candidate to vote based on issues or parties. Our political action project had a positive impact on the students because our group informed them about voting, and in exchange the students expressed their gratitude because they had attained some political education, which not all the kids had received before.

At the beginning of our group presentation we executed the stand-up activity in which we asked them questions and the majority did not comprehend what the question meant; consequently, we explained to them what a term meant in context with the question. For example, one of our questions had to do with abortion and we explained to the kids what abortion was and based off our explanation they decided a side just like they would do for a candidate for an election. This proves that the majority of the students lacked political knowledge of issues and we performed the duty of educating them about political issues. When we did the mock election we put them through an experience that served them as prep to how to vote responsibly for future reference. After we revealed the winner of the mock election and that the candidates represented Texas governor candidates, they learned that voting must not be based off of looks, they learned that voters have trouble deciding for who to vote based off perspectives of certain political issues that each candidate partakes, and they learned that if they vote incorrectly their vote will not be counted towards a candidate. Importantly, they figured out if they aspire for their voice to be heard they have the commitment to vote for their own insights. Finally, we offered them the option to pledge to vote when they are eligible starting at the age of eighteen years old. Some students pledged to vote indicating our group that we made an impact and difference on the younger generation. The three parts of our political action project were crucial for making an impact on the younger generation; we educated them on the importance of voting and provided them an experience of making a decision when voting.

At the conclusion of presentation some of the kids expressed that they were appreciative because they were not well informed due to their parents not informing their children about politics. One kid said, “Thanks for teaching me about voting, I didn’t know anything because my parents never inform me and I don’t inform myself.” We measured our impact by the students’ signature to pledge to vote when they are eighteen and older. However, we had a greater impact on the students that cannot be measured by the signatures but their vocal expression. The students gained a sense of political knowledge through our project something that would have not been possible for them to attain at their households where they lack political education. One person similar to us can make a difference by just educating the younger generation about politics and the importance of voting. As a result, our group managed to inform them about voting and we had meaningful impact on the younger generation preparing them to vote as responsible citizens accomplishing our main goals through this political project.

  1. The way that y’all designed your project and how it could impact the people you talked to I think was really effective. Not only did you educate the kids but you actually stuck them in a situation where they had to make a decision based on their opinions that they formed. Most kids have their opinions but they have never actually had to do anything with them. So by making them participate in a mock election helped them see that what they think can be used to their advantage.

  2. I liked the idea of doing a mock election.That was really creative and inventive. It allowed the students to realize that their opinion matters. I really liked how yall targeted a younger age, because that is when kids opinions start to be formed. The video was good and had some to humor to it. Good job guys.

  3. The mock election was a good way to get students involved and watch the impact of their votes. It was good to use other examples of political action to focus on younger kids to inform them and in hope of planting a habit in their minds.

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