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Impact Statement – Kinsey B, Max M, Asante W

In Impact on November 3, 2010 at 9:36 pm

Being an educator is possibly one of the most valuable jobs in society today. The key to growth as a nation and the ability to compete with other countries around the world evolves around the education of its citizens. We could not compete economically if America did not produce educated individuals. Education not only revolves around the basic subjects including math, science, English, and history, but also involves the awareness of national and even world affairs. Things like the news, newspapers, magazines, and billboards educate us on world affairs every day. However some issues are not spoken for, and that is our job as citizens; to stand up as educators and spread knowledge of what we believe in for the betterment of an entire nation.

People are granted the chance to share their knowledge or something they are passionate about every day. However, for whatever reason it is not common for people to do so. Our group found a current affair within the United States that we became passionate about and felt was not being spoken for; this being, the return of Veterans coming home to poverty. We, as students found that we could not directly change a law or go and vote for a law to be made to change this situation due to restrictions based on our age. Never the less, we did not allow age limitations to stop us from being passionate about this subject. We found the best way to make an effect with our limitations was to simply spread knowledge.

We as students became educators to a whole Parish community by creating a booth supporting a charity solely dedicated to helping veterans who have come home to poverty. By this we not only made the community aware of current affairs, but also received a promise that they will spread the word and continue their search for more knowledge on this affair by visiting the charity’s website.

Our main goal of this project was to support those who support the United States government in their service every day. We proved to be impact full on the thoughts of many Parish students, parents, and even teachers as they signed our pledge to spread their newly learned knowledge to others. If granted more time, our group could have possibly formed a PAC for the betterment of veteran lives. Thus far all we can hope is that the seed of knowledge we planted in the minds of our listeners will continue to grow and be spread. Because knowledge on current affairs is one of the most important attributes to a successful nation we did our part as citizens to update our community on current affairs, we can only hope they will become passionate about this subject as well.

  1. We completely agree that education is the foundation of a nation, and we think that you guys have successfully accomplished your goal of educating those around you. Even before we read your project summary, we were impacted by your booth at the football game. Your approach to spreading knowledge about veteran awareness was creative and allowed you guys to reach not only students, but adults as well. The only information we would suggest that you add is the amount of people you impacted or number of signatures that were on the petition. You guys did an overall great job.

    • In total I believe we had around 120 signatures of people dedicated to making a difference and looking further into what we found to be a national problem.

  2. I think that what you guys did was great! Of course based on age restrictions you could not vote and that is a huge limitation but you did not let that stop you. Instead, I believe you all did sometihng much more effective; raising awareness and helping a organization that refelcts your views. All in all, I think you guys found a fantastic way to help out and issue you obviously felt very passionatly about and you did so much poise.

  3. I think that you guys have made such an impact at Parish, that it would be very effective to carry this project out to the common community, and educate people about the issues. Even though you had age restrictions, I am so glad that your group was able to accomplish this! It was also very good that you informed not only adults, but studetns as well! Great work!

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