Parish Government

Phone Bank with Catherine G, Haley B, Austin M

In Action on November 3, 2010 at 9:13 pm

As a group we originally decided to make an impactful video, like many other groups, but we soon discovered that this route would not work well with our plan. We decided to volunteer some of our time to a political action committee and use pictures and videos to document our work. We began by searching for local political action committees; the first one that we found that seemed legitimate was Brighter Dallas. After exchanging emails with one of the members of Brighter Dallas we got an opportunity to spend some time working with a group in mesquite campaigning for Cindy Burkett. We made some signs and discussed politics with a few of the campaign members. It was interesting to see how passionate some people are about politics. Next they had us make calls that enabled seniors to vote. We asked them if they had received a vote by mail application. We talked to many different people and helped them with different problems. Some people just needed more information so they were able to make a more informed decision and some people needed actual ballots allowing them to vote. After about 2.5 hours we were finished. After this experience we realized that we could make a bigger impact by doing more calling instead of making a video. We decided that our main goal for this assignment was to make an impact. As a group, we believe that the best way to influence people is by setting an example; we decided that rather than making a video we should influence people by sticking to making phone calls. This directly influences people that we talk to while also influencing people around us who see us getting involved. After we made this decision we contacted the campaign director for Stefani Carter and signed up to do more phone banking for them. Our experience here was different because we had a different mission. Rather than calling only senior citizens we were able to reach a larger demographic of people. For this campaign we called people specifically to remind them to vote. We informed people of their closest voting locations and made them aware of the election times and dates.  Some people were not familiar with Stefani Carter and we were able to inform them about her main beliefs and plans for our country. As a whole we enjoyed they second call banking day better because we felt that reminding people to vote and informing them about where they could vote was more influential. We spent about 2.5 hours doing calls and made 634 calls. Both the organizations we worked with were very grateful for our help and were impressed that we wanted to get involved. Despite all the planning and hard work that went into this project we feel like we really did make an impact and accomplished a lot.


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