Parish Government

Voter Ed Brochure – Abby W, Addie A, Hallie S, and Alex Y

In Action on November 3, 2010 at 9:50 pm

Political action is being active through voting, campaigning, and also promoting both. Studies show that among voter turnout, young Americans show the smallest amount of political action. Young Americans either feel that there are no benefits for them in political action, that they do not relate to politics, their action does not matter, or that they are simply too busy to care. This project is designed to change this opinion of young Americans and to raise political awareness so that they can take political action. We brainstormed on our wiki about how we should promote the benefits through of participating in politics through their interests and activities and to show the direct affects that participating in politics can have.

The first step in our project was to interview students in the upper school and see how they perceive the issue of young American voter turnout. We asked questions like what category they fit into: arts, athletics, or studies, to see if their personal interests influenced their opinion about political action. We also asked if their family discusses politics on a regular basis. In a Politcal Spectrum survey, studies showed that family’s view on politics has the greatest influence on young Americans. Also, we asked if they stay current and up to date with political affairs; this is important because it affects your participation in politics. We quizzed students and proved their oblivion by requesting them to locate Iraq, Afghanistan, and Washington DC on a map. We wanted to know to know if they believe, as a young American, it is important to be politically active. Next we tried to encourage or shift their opinions by showing them statistics and how it could affect our future. We took count on how we impacted our interviewees.

We also made a brochure to change young American’s minds about voting as a visual tool. There are facts, pictures, and graphs to catch the reader’s eye and alter their opinions. We included a saying that a person does not make the habits, but rather the habits make a person. This is an important message because it explains that if young Americans do not make it a habit to vote early on, then chances are they will not have the habit of voting when they are older. We also included statistics of voter turnout in elections, which showed the low numbers of young American voters compared to the overall voter turnout. In the brochure, we included a step by step on how to register to vote, to get those that are impacted by our efforts started towards taking their first step in political action. On one of the inside flaps of the brochure, we took a survey with questions like: If they plan on voting when they are of age, if they are interested in politics, if they think it’s important to vote, if they discuss politics with family/friends, and if the facts impacted them in any way.  A main focus in our project was to raise political awareness in young American and hopefully, to make people realize the importance of taking political action.

  1. I feel that you guys have a great idea. Y’all are showing young Americans not only how they lack political efficacy, but are also steering them in the right direction to change that problem. I feel showing people how they can change is making an impact because most young Americans don’t care because they are uninformed. By giving them knowledge, you are making it more likely that they will become more politically active. It will help them realize that they can make a change and that young Americans need to vote. I feel y’all will be successful in making an impact.

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