Parish Government

Voter Education – George C and Andrew M

In Action on November 3, 2010 at 9:25 pm

The U.S. Census Bureau in 2008 released the statistic that only a mere 49% of Eligible American voters ages 18-24 actually voted. It’s common American knowledge that a large percentage of teenagers and young adults of the 21st century simply don’t care about the political system and our government. Many also believe that, because of the sheer bulk of voters in the United States, their vote will not make a difference. With that idea in mind, along with research, interviews, and observations, we concluded that the reason the young adults of our generation don’t vote is because they are uninformed and simply don’t care. We set out on a mission to inform the youth of our local area (District 32) of their upcoming election, specifically about their US Representative candidates, in a non-partisan manner.

We discovered that the best way to broadcast our message to the youth in the 32nd district was to type out a brief flyer explaining the importance of voting, and a brief paragraph concerning the importance of being informed. The flyer heavily discussed the impact that every American’s vote can make in today’s elections. Voting is a right and a privilege that Americans need to take advantage of, and that being said, the flyers main goal was to inform citizens of just that. Because most young Americans believe their individual vote doesn’t make a difference, we made the flyer to inform the reader otherwise. With thousands of American’s thinking that their vote doesn’t matter…the numbers add up, and there is a sharp decrease in the percentage of Americans voting. The area that a large percentage of the community at Parish lives in is located in District 32; consequently the flyers were for the most part, directed toward Americans living in the 32nd district. Even the well the educated at a good a good private school like Parish still need to be informed.

The second issue our group decided to address is the fact that most Americans don’t vote because they simply don’t care. With that in mind, we knew our flyer had to be brief and to the point. If we were to make it long and lengthy, the citizens who didn’t care would not have cared to even read the flyer.  The flyer was intended to make the readers enthusiastic, and we hoped it would inform young voters to find out more about the elections in the upcoming month of November.

With most young Americans not caring about the political system that they currently live in, we hypothesized that they are unaware of the political system. The reason most citizens don’t care about politics is because they don’t understand that they are directly affected by their leaders, and that their vote can make a difference. If our parents and grandparents had thought the same way and not cared about the politics of their day, our government would not be as prosperous as our Forefathers had intended it to be. American Government is based on the people, and without people, government is nothing. Young American’s lack of education directly deals with the importance of the political system… which is the main reason they don’t care to vote. If every citizen knew how important it was to elect leaders that would impact their lives, then everyone would be more involved and vote. Our future depends on the youth of today. That is why we decided to tell our fellow young adults the importance of being informed, and giving them a basis for the upcoming election.

Many interviews and research led us to believe that the youth today is uninformed and doesn’t care to have an authentic voice in the political process. In order to counter this epidemic, we decided to make over 600 flyers and hand them out. We also got our flyer posted on a popular political website. After the election of 2000, we discovered that the internet proved to be a valuable public broadcasting tool. The flyer that we made was our contribution to the youth of today. We not only hope that our political action project will yield an impact on the November 2nd election, but that it will also help us shape politics in the future.


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