Parish Government

Against Bullying – Mason R, Alix H, and Lizzie S

In Action on November 4, 2010 at 12:33 am

Over the last few weeks our government group, Mason Reiter, Lizzie Sanders, and Alix Halloran, have come to notice the recent outbreak of death related to school bullying. After reading the stories and reviewing statements made by school leaders across the country, we knew he had to use our voice. We understood and witnessed the bullying first hand in our own school, and with the evidence of bullying in other schools; our group understood it could only be worse. Another act of bullying awareness that opened our eyes was the day dedicated to anti-bullying in schools. So, in wake of the upcoming elections on Tuesday, November 2nd, we knew we could make a political impact. For someone to make a political impact they must not be shy and they must be able to speak up for something they feel strongly about. Our group thought it would be perfect to get involved in the election for Texas State Board of Education for District 12.  In this election we felt as if this was our perfect opportunity to make an impact on Dallas students getting bullied. To make a political action our group realized that it would not be satisfactory to just tell people about bullying, but rather we had to tell those running for office what we felt needed a change, and how if elected, they could make that change possible. We felt that with this idea, we could get the message across to someone in a position to make our idea about the prevention of bullying in schools come true. Our group also thought it was necessary to let our fellow students understand the change that needs to be made, not just in our school, rather in all schools. In order to do so we established a facebook group; alerting our peers about the dangers that bullying in schools can have and getting the word across about this years election for Texas State Board of Education for District 12. We rallied over two hundred and fifty Dallas students to join our group and understand what can be done against bullying and we also asked for their opinions about how they fell when it comes to bullying in schools.  To make a political impact, one must be determined to get their point across at all costs, and must be determined to speak to any who could help make their change possible.

  1. Hey this is a great idea yall had and i think bringing it up to local cadidates running for office for Texas State Board of Education of District 12. I think the shouldn’t just push this issue aside and act like its not a problem but rather embrace it and speak out to their voters to encourage them to make a stand against bullying. Did yall actually get to speak with representatives about presenting this issue in a debate? Hopefully yall did, but overall this was a great idea and should be put into action nationally!

  2. I am so glad you liked our project. Both candidates responded personally. George M. Clayton was elected and has stayed in touch with us and I look forward to him taking the steps to ensure more safety in school.

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