Parish Government

Bill White for Governor – Teal C, Chris K, Dallas A, and Cameron C

In Action on November 4, 2010 at 12:45 am

For our group political action project we decided to exercise our voice in the political system for campaigning for Bill White for governor.  However, before we decided to do this project we thought of many ideas such as doing voting polls in the cafeteria and comparing their voice to that of a presidential election. The reason why we chose the project we did, is it not only impacted our group but also Texas society as a whole. The first step to this project was contacting the Democratic Campaign office of Collin County. We called the office to make an appointment with Thomas to help out with the campaign process. He informed us of what we could do to make an impact on people to vote for Bill White. That Saturday, we went to the campaign office and although we were not able to go door to door as planned, due to a massive thunder storm, we were assigned a job to do in the office. We made many personal phone calls encouraging them to vote early for Bill White. During the phone call we introduced ourselves, asked who they were supporting for governor, and depending on their answer we informed them about early voting and the closest polling location near them. We encouraged those who may think that their vote simply doesn’t matter and more importantly, to vote early. In the following weeks, our group was able to go door to door to talk to people and inspire them to go and vote for Bill White. Last Sunday, we went to forty one houses, wa;lking for four hours and talking to people about the election. We got a lot of interesting responses from the people we spoke to. Most of them were Democrats, a lot of them had already voted, some were not home or refused, but for the people we talked to, it felt as if we really made an impact on them to go and vote. This project required a lot of time, effort, and determination to try and encourage people to vote for Bill White by explaining to them certain pros and cons of their vote. Throughout the project, we kept a public brainstorming workspace where our group held conversations about what we were doing to complete the project and how each of us was contributing. Our group worked hard to raise awareness of the pros and cons of voting for Bill White, and in influencing people to vote for him, we informed them on how to vote early and where the nearest polling station was. Our main purpose of the project was to gain supporters for Bill White in the election for Texas governor.


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