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Blogging for Voters – Johne M and Connor F

In Action on November 4, 2010 at 1:09 am

Political action is idea that is promoted in a community to increase awareness or amount of knowledge about issues to get other people involved. In our group’s political Action project we thought the most important part was to define the question that we were trying to solve, which was why younger age Americans between the ages 18 and 24 choose not to vote. In attempt to solve the question and get the community involved we created a survey that asked four main detailed questions about why other people think younger Americans choose not to vote. The questions we asked in our surveys were: What do you think is the main reason that young people ages 18-24 choose not to vote?, If you were being asked by someone to vote, would it make you more likely to go to the polls?, If it was convenient to vote, do you think that more younger Americans would choose to voice their opinion? Why?, If congress were to change laws that directly impacted young Americans ages 18-24 do you think that it would make people more interested in casting their vote? After we collected all of our surveys and gathered up all the different opinions, we thought of a way in which we could organize it all into an educational scenario that might help solve the problem.  In the attempt to find an answer and to solve the problem we wanted to make it to where it would benefit and be available to the most amount of people possible.

The best way to represent this idea was to create a blog  pertaining all the information we could come up with that would benefit and inspire young Americans to go to the polls to cast their votes and let their voices be heard. The blog consisted of places to vote around Dallas and many other surrounding cities. We also posted links on how the voting process works incase someone did not vote because they did not know how or because they did not know how important it is to voice your opinion in a democratic government.  It also includes information for all the up coming candidates for governor of Texas. All the information that is posted about the candidates are their links to their campaigns sites and we also posted their campaign videos, advertisements, and if they did not have an advertisements, we posted a link of an interview about them. The whole idea of this concept was for the young voters to get an idea where each candidate stood on important topics. Also are intensions were to encourage people to look up and find information about the candidates and get more familiar with so they can form their own opinion and vote for the one that best fits their own opinion. This is also for anyone to see any other candidate’s important stances pertaining any specific issue.   The main point of the blog was to try and get younger Americans more informed with the political process so they can get more involved in government. It is important for people to vote so that their voices needs to be heard in government and it is important. By accomplishing our task of informing young Americans about the voting process we hoped to make an impact on the voting community.

  1. I think that this group did a really nice job of organizing their thoughts and ideas into a clear outline. From the reading above, I have a clear understanding of what they did and how they wanted to affect and impact others to vote. They addressed the question and really understood the question before they approached how to go about the project. I think the questions that were asked in the survey were excellent questions. The questiosn were directly related to young americans and how to increase voter turn out. I like how most of the questions were to emphasize the possibility of making voting as a young american more convienient. I think that this is very true and if voting for young americans is very convienient, america as a whole will have more young voters. I think the idea to express the information you collected in a blog was a great idea and made it more convenient for followers to become informed. Great job!

  2. It sounds like you guys really had an idea of what you wanted! The questions that you asked in your survey were very detailed and thoughtful and seem like they would provide accurate results. I like the idea of the blog and I think it was a GREAT idea on how to make an impact among younger Americans (especially since “we” are always online!). My only question is how did you let people know about the blog? How did they hear about it? Other than that, I feel as though this project was very well thought out and done. Good job!

  3. Thanks guys we appreciate it. Amber: Johne and I posted a link to our blog on both Facebook and my mom’s company blog. In the end, we got over 300 hits in just a couple of weeks.

    Thanks again,
    Connor and Johne

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