Parish Government

Clancy for DA – Bri S, Andi W, Will N, and Andrew V

In Action on November 4, 2010 at 12:41 am

The way this Political Action Project allowed us to define “political action” is to make an impact on the upcoming November 2010 election. There are many ways to be apart of an impact in any election. This project allowed our thoughts to focus on helping an individual candidate and what we can do to help support a candidate throughout the process. As we gained more ideas on what to do to make an impact, it allowed us to actually know what political action is and that we can actually participate in political events. Our group had many ideas on how to make a difference, however they did change many times. These changes helped us to gain more knowledge on a successful impact in the election.

As our group was brainstorming ideas on what to do, we came up with many thoughts. We were able to come up with many ways that teens can become interested in the political process and that they can make a difference. With the many ideas, we had to narrow them down to the basic and logical ones. Our first plan was to support a minor party candidate and find a way to inform others about their issues and why people should vote for him/her. We found a candidate that was running for Texas Agriculture Commissioner, Rick Donaldson. We found a lot of information on him and discovered the issues he supported. We gathered all the information and we decided to make a Facebook page to inform the teens around us on who he was and what he believed. However, once we looked over this idea and really tried to focus on whether this would make an impact or not, we decided to change our idea. This is a way of getting involved, but we felt that we could find a way to make a bigger impact. We learned that we needed to find someone that we agreed with and who we really felt the need to support. This first idea helped us to expand our ideas on the political process and how we can make a bigger impact.

Looking for another way to model political action, we called the Republican office to figure out the closest elections. The closest election was Danny Clancy and Craig Watkins running for District Attorney. We searched information on both candidates and discovered that we agreed with the issues of Danny Clancy and felt we could really support him well. We communicated with Danny Clancy’s communication representative, Abby Hoak, through email and on the phone. Once a time was finally arranged, we met with Abby at Saxby’s to discuss what our project was and what we wanted to do to make an impact on this election. After giving many suggestions to us, poll greeting sounded the most interesting for teenagers. On the nights of the early voting, we were poll greeters supporting Danny Clancy. Poll greeters wait outside the polling locations and greet the voters as they walk into the building. We wore Danny Clancy t-shirts for support and passed out handouts of Danny Clancy to those interested. In doing so, many people took the hand outs and read over them as they were entering the polling booths. When we met with Danny Clancy’s communication representative, it made us feel like we really could make a difference in this election.

Passing out handouts and supporting Danny Clancy made us realize how big of an impact we can have on this political process. Just this simple action can influence a voter’s decision before walking into the polling booths and voting. Before they vote, they saw teenagers supporting a candidate so strongly and then got to read over the candidate’s hand out which could have moved them in the direction of voting for Danny Clancy. This helped us make an impact on the last decision voters and to reassure the voters that Danny Clancy is the right person to vote for as District Attorney.

The political action project really changed our way of thinking on making a political impact. When we were coming up with ideas on the first couple days of the project, we were discouraged thinking that there was no way we can make a difference. After discussing ideas and coming up with many, it introduced the several ways people our age can get involved and make a difference. After meeting with Abby Hoak and poll greeting the early voters, it helped our group understand that there are ways to influence others, even when we are teenagers. Being there and passing out handouts really influenced people’s vote. This project helped us to fully understand what it means to be involved with making an impact politically and that it is possible.


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