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‘Clear Your Throat, Go Vote’ – Amber S, Matt W, Santiago Z, and Hayden S

In Action on November 4, 2010 at 1:16 am

By definition, political action is a movement of some sort, formed to promote a certain idea, campaign, candidate, or common interest. The objective is to attempt to increase awareness of certain issues and convince others to take action in them. Sometimes, this can include raising money for both candidates and caucus. Political committees are usually dedicated to one committee or matter, hoping to influence others toward that as well.

Our task was to create an action project that demonstrates that younger American participation matters. We hoped to do this by encouraging people of all ages to take an active role in voting. As well, we wanted to inform them that voting is important. As a group, we made posters saying, “Clear your throat. Go Vote”. The “catchy” slogan was carefully chosen and discussed buy our group as a powerful tool of attraction in order to have an initial interest to our project’s proposal. We as well provided information of the date of Election Day (November 2). Unlike many political action groups, our message was not directed towards a certain group, and we weren’t trying to give a message promoting one certain Party. But rather, we wanted to encourage people to vote. On the bottom of our signs,  we had slips of paper with a helpful website address that could easily be torn off. This website ( gives a basic description of common voting questions, lists candidates on the ballots, as well as gives polling locations throughout multiple communities. We distributed this poster in various different locations. We placed them where we thought that they would create the most impact to a large number of people: Starbucks, Chick-fil-a, Saxby’s, around neighborhoods, and other different locations. We hoped that they would let us advertise our poster. One week later we came back to the locations and picked up our posters to figure out if people took interest in them.  Unfortunately, the employees did not put them up in all places, but on the ones that they did, we had successful results. On the contrary, we analyzed that the method we used was a successful one, due to that the slips and information was taken by personal interest and not imposed.

The group analyzed the objective to attempt to increase awareness of certain issues was successful and convinced the small group of people it was targeted to, influencing others close to them towards that as well. By giving out the message that voting is important in order to have your voice heard, we made an impact (even if it was the slightest) among everyday people.

  1. I like the idea of spreading the word using posters with pull slips, and keeping the message not directed towards one party or person. Pull slips are an easy way to get people interested, and seem to have worked pretty well for you guys as some were taken. Glad some impact was made.

  2. This project caught my attention immeaditely. I like how ya’ll thought of popular places to show your posters so people could at least take a glance and maybe consider it. This not only sounded impactful, but fun as well. Hopefully more people see the importance of voting because of the project ya’ll have presented to the community.

  3. Thanks! At the least, I think that our project definately made an impact or was used as a reminder the community that voting IS important to have your voice heard.

    Ben – Keeping the message unbiased was our way of getting attention from everyone (not ONLY a certain party).

    George – It was fun! Ha ha

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