Parish Government

‘Had Enough? Vote Republican!’ – Haley R, Taryn D, and Chris H

In Action on November 4, 2010 at 1:19 am

By doing political research on the internet, in interviews and by reading newspapers and articles, we were able to know exactly what young Americans needs to do in order to get actively involved in the political process. To start off our project, we emailed Congressman Pete Sessions to see what his team thinks we should do to be active in politics. We got an instant response encouraging us to participate in phone banks, walk in walks to spread political action, and to help put materials together for their campaigns.  We felt it was absolutely necessary for us to actually carry out these actions in order to be impactful to our peers. Once we arrived at Mr. Sessions’ office, his team asked us to help put together yard signs. Every little thing we did was helpful and politically influential to Pete Sessions and his team, as well as our friends and family. I would say we made over a hundred of these signs, which would soon be placed into families’ yards to encourage voters to get active.  By personally going to Pete Sessions’s office, we were able to be active in the political process, even though these were small actions; we know that it was influential to someone somewhere.  We thought that visiting only one political office was not enough, so we contacted Stefani Carter, a candidate for Republican State House Representative for Texas, to see how we could once again get involved as determined students who want to be involved actively in politics.  We once again emailed Ms. Carter to see if there was anything we could do to help.  Then we went to her office to help participate in the phone banks. We called potential voters in her district to encourage them to vote for Stefani and if they said they were undecided, we would then give them more information about Stefani.  We actually thought this process was pretty fun because we were able to communicate with other people in our community, but we were also being involved in politics at the same time.  Finally, we interviewed five seniors regarding their views on politics.  These interviews were helpful because they allowed us to realize what various students’ views are on politics and what ways they think they can get involved. Then afterwards, we told them multiple ways in which they can actually get involved.  We recorded all of this on our Flip Camera and then turned it into a movie presentation so we can show our classmates and peers how easy it is to be active in the political process. Another simple way we learned to be active is by just knowing the current issues and the people who are running in the election. We all informed ourselves about the current issues, for example the war in Afghanistan, the economy, healthcare, illegal immigration and so on so that we could be informed about what issues these candidates would be addressing. Even though we can’t vote, knowing the topics and the running candidates is the first step to being an active citizen in the crazy process of politics. It is so easy for young Americans to just read newspapers, watch news and be knowledgeable about politics and even doing that constitutes for being active in politics.

  1. I really like all of your ideas about how to get involved in the politics. I thought that how you guys got involved in the election for this year was really constructive. I liked how you helped your local representatives to make signs and help them to get votes and others involved.

  2. Thank you so much for your response. Not only did we have a blast, but also gained an enormous amount of insight on how to get involved. We hope our efforts inspire you to do the same and get involved

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