Parish Government

Impact Statement – Amber S, Matt W, Santiago Z, and Hayden S

In Impact on November 4, 2010 at 1:17 am

For our project, we as a team, and individually went around our neighborhoods and to stores around town and posted signs informing people of the election day, as well as with slips attached with a website or email address they could reference for information about where to vote, or about the candidates in the elections. This was our “action” phase of the project.

Our goals for our “impact” portion of the project were to try and raise awareness in the community about the upcoming election, as well as attempt to increase voter turnout. Our objective was to encourage people to fulfill their civil duty and vote, to also be informed voters, and research the candidate’s views before voting, and to get involved in the political process. By this we not only mean the elections, but acting upon one’s opinions and attempt to make a change.

When we went back to visit the sites where we posted our signs, we found that in some places slips had been taken, but in others none were taken. As a result of this, we can generally infer that the people who took a slip were in some way interested in either the website, or interested in emailing us to ask for help on where to vote. This is one way in which we impacted the people in our community. Another is just the fact that we had signs around town. Signs are great reminders to people, no matter if they take a slip off the sign or not, we know that lots of people will at least look at the sign. Maybe those people are already involved in the political process or know where to vote, but the sign is still a reminder to all about the upcoming election.

Although we received no emails (most likely due to the fact that most people don’t like to email their address to a random email address on a telephone pole), several slips were taken, so we can conclude some people did show interest. However, we understand there were flaws in our approach to this project. Our planning phase was a little too long, therefore not leaving us as much time as we would’ve liked to actually implement our project. Also, we could have used different methods of sign or flyer use, such as by mail/mailbox or in person at restaurants or local hotspots. Another way to increase our impact is to increase the amount of signs, and the variety of places we put them.

For our conclusion we can definitively say that we did in fact have an impact on our community in two ways: by informing people of where to vote or where to research candidates, and by serving as a reminder to the community about the upcoming election. Our impact was meaningful because we feel like there is a lack of participation on the people’s part to participate in the political process and really become involved in their government. Therefore we chose this as our project to attempt to change people’s lazy attitudes towards politics into a more positive one by stating that everyone’s voice/vote matters, and in order to express their opinions, they need to vote!


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