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Impact Statement – Bri S, Andi W, Will N, and Andrew V

In Impact on November 4, 2010 at 12:42 am

Our group was involved with the Danny Clancy Craig Watkins election. They were both running for Dallas District Attorney and it came out to be a close race. Our group was in support of Danny Clancy, Republican Party candidate. We chose to support Danny Clancy because we supported his ideas over Craig Watkins’s ideas. We called the Republican office to find out which election was the closest and it was this one. We felt that we could make the biggest impact on a close election. We felt the need to support the Republican, Danny Clancy.

 In order to support Danny Clancy, we called his communication secretary, Abby Hoak, to figure out ways in which we can help this election be a success for Danny Clancy. She offered out many ideas to us so we were able to get a feel for the many ways teenagers can make an influence on elections. We decided that the most affective and interesting way to make an impact is to be poll greeters. Poll greeters greet the early voters as they enter the polling locations before they vote. Our group wore Danny Clancy shirts to show we were representing him. We were passing out hand outs of Danny Clancy to the voters as they walked by us. This was a way in which we felt could make a huge impact on voter’s decisions.

 Our group’s political action was impactful because it allowed the voters to take one last look at Danny Clancy and to remember what he stood for. It also reassured the voters that Danny Clancy was what they wanted to choose. Being poll greeters is meaningful to many voters because it really focuses and determines their decision on who they want to vote for and the issues that candidate stands for. By just doing this simple action of handing out flyers of Danny Clancy to these voters, it really makes an impact on the voter’s decision. It allowed the voters to reassure they were making the right decision and lead them on the path of voting for Danny Clancy.

 Our political action project allowed us to see that we can make a difference. These simple actions help us to see that younger adults do have a voice in the government and can be an influence to older people. We made a meaningful impact on the voters by allowing them to see their options before voting and they were able to get a quick glance of who Danny Clancy stood for and that’s what our people want. Our group helped support Danny Clancy in a meaningful way and hopefully it shows in the results of the election.

  1. I read over the impact statement and i think you guys did a wonderful job. I thought your idea to call someone and find out ways in which you could help was a way to really get involved in the community so you could make a bigger impact. This statement was well written and I liked that you all did what you put your mind to. Besides that, I thought you seemed to work well together and you guys had great ideas. You really went above and beyond in trying to get involved in the community and I respect and admire that so good job to all of you guys!

  2. First off, great job ya’ll. This was a great idea to get involved and it seemed like it resulted in success. You guys making the initiative go out and getting involved yourselves is a great way to show that young Americans can get involved. I thought this was very effective. The only thing I would suggest is to do a bit more with the candidate you were representing. Going to a phone bank, doing walks, making signs, all of these are ways you can get even more involved. But other than that ya’ll did a great job!!!!!!!!!! O yeah.

  3. We, as a group,appreciate yall’s comments!
    Jordan Jones- Thank you so much for commenting on our blog! We tried our best to work together and collaborate our ideas towards this Political Project!
    Chris Hebden- Thank you for your encouragement and critque but what we did to get involved was as much as we possibly could with the time given and also because of the wishes of Abby Hoak, Danny Clancy’s secretary.

  4. We think that by getting involved in this way at an early age is good, you have learned who to talk to and how to figure out the best candidate for future elaction. We thought the way you took on the project by choosing ways to get others to vote for your candidate was insightful. We hope more teens see that they can also get involved as well.

  5. I think that you guys had an amazing idea. You thought through as to what would be the best way to make an impact and you guys chose wisely. What were the difference of ideas that the candidates had? I am curious to know. It is cool that you took the time out of your day and supported the candidate that you believe in and know that you may have had some impact on the polls that day.

    • Thank you moriah for commenting on our project! We appreciate your feedback. We supported clancy because of his repulbican beliefs and wanted to make an impact in his election. As for watkins we didnt support him as much because he was democrat and the majority of our group is republican!

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