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Impact Statement – Caitlin C, Jordan J, Eric E, and Ben H

In Impact on November 4, 2010 at 1:00 am

The objective of our project was to educate people about political indifference and persuade them to consider being more politically active than they are at the moment. Our way of doing this was through video interviews and talking to people during the interviews about ways to become politically active and why it is good. From our statistics we are able to tell that we made an overall positive impact.

We were able to successfully help people structure their thoughts about voting and reasons why it is so important. We also stressed the starting point of voting, which begins with registering to vote. Some of the people we had talked to were over 18, but had not registered to vote. A few people had not decided if they would vote or not and were not registered to vote. Our group was able to help some of these people take the first step towards voting by registering to vote.

Here is a bar graph of our impact:

As you can see in the graphs, our group was able to impact five of the interviewee’s points of view concerning local election voting. We were able to make an impact by not only expressing the problem out in the community but also being able to change minds so that people are aware of what happens in the community when there is political indifference.

The reason we were so successful in impacting these five people was because of the face to face speaking and relating to their views. Some of these people had strong opinions over voting and whether or not they would participate. Others were open to suggestions and were interested to hear our points of view. Many took the time to hear our stories and would either agree or come back with some type of reason why they believed we were incorrect.

The face-to-face communication showed that not only were we serious about political indifference, but also that we cared about each individual’s thoughts. It was personal enough for people to feel safe and to open up. They shared their thoughts and views about voting and explain why they chose that view.

  1. Interviewing people that you didn’t know from different places in our society was a very good tactic to take. It let us see the different views of people in our community and that allowed us to understand the problem of political indifference. It was good that you were serious about political indifference because it let the people who you were interviewing know that you were looking for a serious answer. Ya’ll did a very good job!! 🙂

  2. I believe that your approach on this project was well thought out. Going to interview people out of our community was a good idea, it helped us see some different thoughts of people are age and older than us. Also talking face-to-face other than by phone or e-mail was a smart tactic, because it allowed to them know that you were serious about voting and taking political action.

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