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Impact Statement – Haley R, Taryn D, and Chris H

In Impact on November 4, 2010 at 1:21 am

Young people’s influence in politics truly does matter.  The problem was, how do they get involved? As a group, we decided our goal was to find a way to get ourselves involved first, then everyone else surrounding us by finding as many ways as possible to participate in the political community.  By doing this, we hoped to impact our peers and those observing us by encouraging them to learn from us and experience for themselves what we experienced.  We succeeded in this goal by feeling more involved in politics from our efforts than we had ever imagined.  Through our participation in the political campaigns, by specifically answering phones, talking to campaign leaders and putting together yard signs, we have developed a strong understanding of what it takes to make campaigns happen and how young people like ourselves, can get involved.  After talking to various campaign leaders through emails and from face to face conversations, we’ve been educated with more ideas of how to get young teens involved.   Such as, serving on election boards, joining a campaign effort, distributing signs during walks, making awareness for each campaign, influencing our parents about our thoughts, serving in leadership positions in our community, and most of all, being informed about the candidates and the issues in the government.  Although we were unable to do all of those things, we know that it is definitely possible and we encourage others to participate – it’s a form of learning that is actually a lot of fun.  Also, we realized that we have been involved with politics in our own community through our leadership in school – like student government, honor council and community service leadership boards.  It surprised us how involved we actually were; we all were well informed with what was going on around us, and this project further allowed us to go out and get a first hand experience in politics.  By doing these actions and participating in our community political campaigns, we were able to see what goes on behind the scenes; this clearly proved to us that young teens CAN get involved.  We hope that our video will prove to students that they can be active in politics just as easily as we did.  This project truly impacted us all, and has encouraged us to continue to stay involved with political campaigns as well as to obtain leadership roles in our community.

  1. This group did a really good job showing us ways that we can get involved although we are not eligible to vote. They got good information by actually talking to campaign managers about how we can help in campaigns. A few examples are putting up yard signs, participating in walks, and making phone calls to people encouraging them to vote. The group also informed us that even though we dont realize it, we have been involved in local political campaigns: student government, honor council and community service leadership boards. This group showed that if we get involved at a young age, we will be better informed and more inclined to be involved when we are older.

  2. We think that your group provided a great way to get involved and was really encouraging to young people. We weren’t aware that we could help political leaders the way you did. You have potentially opened up a window for more teens like us to take the initiative to get involved in political events. It seemed that your group learned a lot by your experience and your time seemed to have a big impact on the politicians running for office. I discovered that even though we might be too young to vote, we can still make an impact on political candidates. We admire the way that you were able to get involved with a positive attitude all the while making it look like fun.

  3. I loved this idea! I felt like y’all made a big difference in our community by getting involved and getting other people involed, especially the younger people. What I liked the most was how you made campaign signs and phone calls to get people to vote. I think that block walking would of made a really big difference in your Project because more people listen better when an issue is face to face, but overall this project was good! GOOD JOB GUYS!!

  4. I think this project was very well done. The idea was solid, and y’all strongly demonstrated how to get involved in the electoral process. Not only did you demonstrate how to get involved, but y’all demonstrated how easy it was to get involved as well. All you had to do was email Pete Sessions and y’all were immediately brought into the electoral process to help out with campaigns. Well done.

  5. Once again education is key. Great job in making everyone aware of how they can be impactful even though they aren’t eligible to vote. It takes time to find resources and some people don’t have access to those resources or the time. Thanks for making it available.

  6. Thanks for all your responses! Our goal was in fact to inform students how they can get involved without being eligable to vote. Our approach was fun and interactive, but we are glad to see that we have made an impact on so many people, including y’all! Thanks again!

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