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Impact Statement – Johne M and Connor F

In Impact on November 4, 2010 at 1:11 am
Over the course of the past five weeks, our group has tried to figure out the cause of a lack of young adult (ages 18-24) voters at the polls on election day. After taking a survey of both adults and teenagers, we pinpointed the source of the problem: a simple lack of voting knowledge in the young adult community.
At first, this problem seemed to have a simple fix, just educate our age group in the voting process. But how to educate them turned out to be the real challenge. At first, we planned to make a toll-free number that we would advertise on major roads to try and spread voting information, but that route turned out to be too expensive. We then decided to make a blog which turned out to be a success. By advertising our political information blog called “Know Your Vote” on Facebook and other social networking sites, we were able to get over 250 views as of November 5th.
Our group chose a blog for a number of reasons: the most important being that instead of internet users simply being forced information through a group inbox or facebook page, we allowed users the choice of whether to click the link or not. This gave us a much more realistic number of impressions and allowed us to see where we were having the most impact. Over 250 of our peers made the decision to go to our blog and educate themselves on the voting process and how to be a better citizen because of our project. We were even lucky enough to have a blog visitor from Australia! Facebook won the social networking war; referring over 140 young Americans (and an Australian) to our page. We believe that through our research and blog we have made a meaningful, and impactful effort to educate our peers on the importance of voting.
Comments on our blog posts also helped us to share our knowledge. Two people named Camille and Matthew commented on one of our blog posts early on and we were able to directly answer their individual questions. Our “Don’t Know Where To Vote?” post channeled around 130 young adults to, helping them to find their local polling place in order to cast their vote on November 2nd, and roughly 7 watched each candidate’s political video on
The fact that our “Know Your Vote” blog attracted over 250 young adults in one week is staggering. We believe that this proves one thing: young Americans want to vote, they simply don’t know where to and aren’t familiar with the candidates. Through our political action project, we were able to impact hundreds of young voters and hopefully inspire them to voice their opinion in government by casting their vote on November 2nd. Our hope is that we planted a seed of political activism in teens around both the metroplex and around the world that will some day grow into a model example of responsible citizenship for generations to come. 
  1. I think that this group did a great job and pinpointing a cause of why young adults do not vote and offering a solution. Your impact is very apparent through the number of hits your blog recieved. I also noticed that someone is actually following your blog which is impressive as well. I think that you did a very good job of showing people the different views and not telling them what they should think. You could have, however, included more information on your blog about other elections or aspects of voting. Overall, you did a very good job on the Political Action Project

  2. I think that you did a great job on doing a blog for everyone to see. Some people really don’t know their polling place, and that may be the cause for some people not voting. Also adding it on facebook is a good idea because many people will be able to see that. I tink the website that you added to your blog to show people where their polling place was, was a good idea. I think you placed a different perspective and idea about why younger people don’t vote. Good job!

  3. I think that your idea that young people just “dont know” is completely accurate. By informing them on basic facts and information on the time place and candidates, you provide young people with all the basic tools needed in order to voice their opinion. This was a great idea, and based on the number of people who comented on and followed your work, it recieved even greater results. GREAT JOB BOYS!! 🙂

  4. I really like your drive and determination to create a blog to educate young Americans on how to get involved. However, I think that you could also have addressed that some young Americans do know about the political process and they are up to date with all of the current events, they just do not think their vote counts because they are young. Even though only a small percentage of young Americans know about the political process, they think their voice isn’t heard so that is where your blog comes in. If you address that each individuals voice is crucial to the best possible results in the election, then you could probably get even more people to visit your website. Good job on your project its a very fun a creative way to inform young americans about the political process and how to get involved!!

  5. The fact that you created a blog and had a positive turnout in the number of people that kept up with your blog is a great thing even though someone that is from austrailia cant really vote in the united states. I i think that you guys created a good amount of impact in the project but you probobally should keep up with the people that actually voted because of you. Great job overall!

  6. Your numbers are very impressive. 250 views is a very large number for one week. I like how you focused on getting people to answer questions, and also answering their questions when they had them. I feel as if you guys really cared about your project and that it has the potential to become very large and important if you keep at it. I would also suggest expanding to more questions and other media, so as to appeal to as many people as possible.

  7. Thanks guys, we appreciate it. Caitlin: We think your right, we should have also touched on those young adults who don’t think that their vote matters, but hind sight is 20/20. Zander and Alix: Yes, we also agree that a few more posts with more varied information would have enabled us to appeal to more people. Thanks again!

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