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Impact Statement – Mason R, Alix H, and Lizzie S

In Impact on November 4, 2010 at 12:35 am

Our project reached out to the candidates running for the Texas State Board of Education emphasizing the need for stricter bullying policies in school. By reaching out to the Texas State Board of Education and through people viewing our Facebook group “Dallas Students Against Bullying” we made an impact.

With the recent suicides because of bullying, which had a great impact on our group members, we wanted the candidates to see the importance of the issue and make a commitment to concentrating on it if elected. We were nervous writing to the candidates wondering whether they would acknowledge our views or even reply at all. We were shocked when we received a response from one candidate within hours of our initial email. He replied very thoughtfully and seemed to truly value our opinions. The second candidate replied similarly. They both promised to take action against bullying once they take office. Though we cannot predict if they will follow through with this promise, our expectations were far surpassed in regards to our impact on the government process. Before we had thought that government was just for adults and there was no place for kids. This project in the very least had an impact on our group’s perception of our importance.

We created the Facebook Group “Dallas Students Against Bullying” in hope that by using Facebook we would attract and impact a younger generation to support our cause. On the group site we posted several videos to give viewers a feel for how out of hand bullying has become. We wanted viewers to watch these videos and see through their own eyes the severe affects of bullying. We also posted questions such as “How do you feel about bullying?” We optimistically posted these questions in hope that students would respond and want to get involved in the stand against bullying. We also posted websites where group members could sign petitions against bullying. By signing the petition people sign and write short notes to be viewed by the public and raise awareness.

By doing this project we found several different ways to raise awareness as well as being impactful. Not only did we find ways to raise awareness but also we found ways to we raise the awareness of younger people. We demonstrated that although we are not of voting age our voice still is impactful and valued in society. Obviously if the Texas Public education candidates replied to our email our voice must have some worth. When people joined our Facebook group and made responses to our videos and questions the public was able to view all posts and become more aware.

  1. We like the idea of the project and the uniqueness of the topic you all choose to pick. We feel that bullying is a serious issue that needs to be address and you all did a successful job in raising awareness. We also believe that it is very reassuring that you all were able to get connect with people who are running for government positions, and who would be able to make a change. This not only will hopefully make a impact on the issue of bullying but it also made an impact on the issue of political efficacy. It allowed people who don’t think they have a voice in politics be able to see that their views do get heard. Over all we think that this project was a success in spreading awareness of bullying and demonstrating a concrete successful example of how people are actually able to contact government officials to show that young people can get their voice out in the world.

  2. I admire the fact that you all chose a topic dealing with a realistic issue in todays society. Bullying is a serious issue that needs more awareness, and I believe you guys succesfully got your voices heard. The fact that you guys sent it to people running for government positions makes an impact on not only them, but everyone who hears or reads about your story as well. Putting it on facebook was a smart idea, because it involved a younger crowd. Your facebook group influenced people under the age of eighteen that they could still make a difference in the political spectrum. Over all I think your project was a great demonstration to how voices can be heard.

  3. This was a really good idea, especially since this problem is evident in teenagers and young adults. Also it is awesome that there was a response from several candidates. The only thing that is not evident is how much of an impact was made on teenagers and the selected voting age of 18-24 for this project. But other than that this is really inventive and a great idea!

  4. I think ya’ll had a great idea and picked a great cause to raise awareness for, especially considering that many people our age can relate to this topic. It’s very exciting to hear that the candidates wrote you back, and seemed to care about bullying in schools, and I really hope they follow through with their responses. It is encouraging to think that younger voices are being taken into consideration. One thing I would have liked to hear about is how it measured impact and affected people in other schools. Other than that…great idea!

  5. I feel that the major impact was on each other. We realized that we actually have a voice in the polictical system. We also took the feedback from our facebook page and incorporated those opinions into our letters to the candidates, helping them to realise they have a voice as well.

  6. Thank ya’ll so much for reading our impact statement and commenting. It means a lot to hear what you all think and we appreciate all of your comments and views.

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