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Impact Statement – Meggan S, Haley M, and Mark E

In Impact on November 4, 2010 at 12:53 am

Voting is the major political issue going on right now in America. It is time for the people of the United States to exercise their right to vote. People who do not get out and vote should not complain about the person or policies that are made in this country. Everyone of age in America can vote for their candidate of choice or for the policies their politician stands for. The key to any voting process is to try and obtain the most number of votes possible. The voting process is not so critical so long as it is fair and honest. It all boils down to how many people actually show up to the polls on the first Tuesday after the first Monday of November to vote.

For our project we together made a video and posted it on every site that we could think of. The video showed people between the ages of 18 to 24 years old, in other words, young Americans that intend to vote or would vote if of age. The premise of our video was to get the word out to people of similar age to vote, and to educate them in the voting process. Our group’s political action project was a successful in that we convinced numerous people to write the word “VOTE” on their arm on Thursday, October 28th. The video had the impact it was intended, to increase voting awareness and at the same time raise some awareness as to the process.

In our project video, we asked people to write the word “VOTE” on their arm to show their support for voting in the upcoming elections. We sent out voting reminders to all of our friends and fellow students using text messaging, and to all our buddies and friends on Facebook. This added advertising media worked very well and got the message out very quickly to a wide range of people. We wanted to see how much influence our video and advertising would have on a similar age population as we had with the people in the video. We worked very hard to send a message that young voters should get and vote for their own beliefs and values. People must stand up for what they believe in, they must get involved, and even those not of age need to be ready to get involved. We choose to do our project and the video in late October, instead of another month, because voting day is November 2nd, 2010.  Having it this late would make people realize that elections are just around the corner, and that they must exercise their rights quickly to make a difference. By creating a sense of urgency in our request we think this provided us an advantage in our efforts. After asking people to participate, we got some feedback, but not as much as we had hoped for. The people who cared enough to participate were young Americans that barely knew anything about who to vote for and why they needed to get involved. When these young Americans began to realize that their voice really does matter, and why they needed to get more involved, they went around sharing this information and beliefs with their friends. All of a sudden more and more people wanted to become involved and do more.

Not only did we have these young Americans write the word “VOTE” on their arms, but we also posted our video so that we could broaden our efforts to more and more people. Our video showed how young Americans are really not involved with our government, did not seem to know anything about politics, and did not really understand their rights, and what these rights mean to them. The people we interviewed for our video showed their lack of knowledge about government based on the simple questions we asked them. When we told them the correct answers, many of them were shocked that they had no clue what the correct answer was. Our video received more than 200 viewers after we posted it on Facebook and YouTube. A qualified, counted, viewer was one that watched the entire video from start to finish. We hoped that our video would inspire people to become involved in government, understand some basic political information, and vote to make a difference. Even though there is no possible way to see how much of real impact we made in terms of actual votes, after seeing the number of viewers of our video, we were pretty sure that several people were influenced in some way by our video, especially those that watched the entire video.

Within the short amount of time we had to complete our project, we feel that we have been able to reach out to young Americans, really show them that they can make a difference, and show them that their vote really does matter. The shear number of people that saw our video and wrote the word “VOTE” on their arms was amazing. This too us indicated that our project was successful, and that what we had done had in fact influenced some people to think more about voting.

  1. I really like the idea of righting vote on your arms. It really spreads the word of the issue and makes it fun at the same time. I also like the idea of devoting one day to see how many peope you can get to participate in your event. I also like the idea of a video because you will always have that to look back on. You will always have that proof that you made that and had a affect on peoples decisions.

  2. I agree with Nathan. Having young people write “Vote” on their arms is a cool way to spread the word and it appeals to younger voters, so good work guys! It sounds like ya’ll worked really hard and were motivated which makes your impact even better. I liked that ya’ll went out and made a video while educating young voters as well. You should talk to Mr. O and put your video on the website because I really wanted to see it.

  3. Nathan- Thank you for complimenting on our writing “Vote” on your arms. We had hoped to copy the Afghanistan elcection proccess. We hope that we have inspired you and other people to vote when you become 18. Thanks

    Haley-We just talked to Mr. O and he is putting it up right now. Thank you for your input, we really do hope that we inspired young voters.Thanks.

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