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Impact Statement – Teal C, Chris K, Dallas A, and Cameron C

In Impact on November 4, 2010 at 12:47 am

We came up with many ideas before we decided to do the project we chose. The reason why we chose this project is because we found a candidate that we strongly supported and found a way to express our voice that didn’t involve voting. Through this project we found that we didn’t need to be eighteen to exercise our voice. By calling and going door to door we were able to remind, influence, and encourage many people’s decisions on voting for Bill White. The impact we made could possibly be more important than going to the polls and voting ourselves.  Because we made these phone calls, we feel that we changed the outcome of the election, no matter who wins the election; we still encouraged democrats to vote and increased voter turn outs for that party.  Through our actions, we not only influenced the people that we talked to directly, but also their friends and family. If we influenced just one person to vote for Bill White, it is quite possible that they went on and told their family and friends about what we taught them; thus possibly influencing them to vote for Bill White as well.  As a result of this project, we are hoping to eliminate the lack of political efficacy evident in Texans.  By getting Texans to vote for Bill White, we are in turn working toward his victory in the upcoming election. If Bill White does win, the long tradition of a republican held government in Texas would be broken, not only showing Democrats in Texas that it is possible to upturn tradition, but also the other states in this country that have been long term republicans. Through Bill White’s victory, it is a strong possibility that political efficacy in Texas will be retuned once more which is a huge goal that we helped accomplish. When it comes to a measurable impact, I believe that can be measured through the number of phone calls that we made and the number of door bells that we rang, however the biggest impact that we made is on ourselves. Before this project, all four of us were convinced that our age was an inevitable wall that blocked us from expressing our voice in government. After our work with the Democratic Party of Collin County on behalf of Bill White, all of us have had a similar epiphany; no matter what age, gender, or race, having a voice in government in solely determined upon the will you have to express it. Through our collaborative efforts we put forth a total of 16 hours of service which included roughly 400 phone calls. The number of people that we affected outside of our group is immeasurable, all we know is that it is a large number totaling high above the number of phone calls we made. In conclusion, all four of our views have been changed drastically due to this project.

  1. I admire the collaborative effort this group put into helping not only one candidate or party for that matter, but the voting process as a whole. Instead of telling people to have a nice day when they turned Mr. Bill White down, they effectively told the person to vote anyway no matter what party they were. I agree that this project definitely made a huge impact in society because instead of limiting themselves to phone calls, they actually went door to door, which upped their chances to impact more people. Perhaps the person didn’t answer their phones because they couldn’t get to it in time. The door is much more effective and personal than the phone and even if that person was thinking about not voting this year; the drive and determination this group showed by getting out and onto the streets may have moved them in a whole different light.

    • Thank you for your well thought out comment. We admire your ability to fully understand our purpose of this project. Your absolutely right, we agree that going door to door is the most effective form of expressing our voices.

  2. We applaud your group efforts on this project. Though the Bill White,the Democratic candidate for govenor, that you were supporting ultimentaly was defeated in his election, your efforts were not for none, through your efforts it is clear that though people under the age of 18 are not able to vote, they are still able to have their voices heard and make an impact in the political process that is the November elections. We were also taken aback by the amount of hours that your group put for this cause, the 16 hours that you guys put forth in this project for the past month, properly examplify the dedication that you all had to this cause.

    Bri S, Will N, Andi W, Andrew V

  3. I think it is fantastic that you all chose to support a candidate so effectively. You are exactly right in your sentiments that all it takes to make an impact is to influence just one voter in the electoral process. You added a personal influence to the project by going door to door trying to influence voters to vote for Mr. White. Going dor to door is an extremely effective process. You plans and actions were well thought out.

  4. We appreciate your comment and thank you!

    Dallas A., Chris K., Cameron C., and Teal C.

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