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Voter (?) Interviews – Caitlin C, Jordan J, Eric E, and Ben H

In Action on November 4, 2010 at 12:57 am

In the middle of the first trimester this year in our Government and Economics class, our teacher gave us a wonderful opportunity: make an impact; how you do this is your choice. Our goal was to make an impact on how people view politics and voting.  Lack of political efficacy within young Americans (ages 18-24) has been increasing and will make a negative impact.

As a group, we decided right away that we wanted to move beyond the limited area of our school to a community college. We began to form ideas and we came up with this one: we would interview several people at our school, Parish, and several students from Brookhaven College. We took videos of our group interviewing the students and we took polls on who would be voting in the local elections this year (along with who would be voting for the Presidential elections) in 2012.

We also decided to record a video for YouTube stating the effects of political indifference and posted the links to each of our Facebooks so we could record the number of views on our video.  By doing this, we hoped that the local community would be affected by our enthusiasm for politics and aspire to also be enthusiastic. We made a point to engage in discussions while interviewing students because we felt that we could make better our argument and point and to enlighten them on the current, very urgent issue of lack of political efficacy.

We started off our interviews by asking people if they were planning to vote for local and political leaders. If the answer was no, we would talk to them about reasons why they should vote and we would speak to them about the effect that their political indifference has on the community and therefore the nation.

All fifteen of our interviewees agreed that political indifference is a prominent problem in our country currently and even some of those people agreed that they are part of the problem. This stated a fact: the indifferent are aware that they are a problem but they do not care because they are indifferent. We were therefore able to discuss the problem with them further and inform them of the problem that they are causing. At Parish, most students were enthusiastic about politics and all but one agreed that they would vote for local political leaders and Presidents in upcoming elections. When we arrived at Brook Haven, several students had different attitudes towards politics and the government in general and we were able to fulfill our action statement, which was to enlighten people.

As for the YouTube video which we made in order to spread the word of our statement. Our first video stating the effects of political indifference has a total of seventy-nine views so far which was a good number because seventy-nine young Americans in the community are now aware of the current problem.

In conclusion, we did our project because we wanted to see what people thought about politics and if they are aware that there is a current problem. In addition, our group was able to do some research individually and we discovered what political indifference really means and how it affects the government, even if slowly. We learned that one vote does matter and we wanted to do a project that would allow us to teach what we learned to other people and to inform them of problems through visual interviews and videos. We tried to keep our project relatively simple but effective at the same time and our way of doing this was to work together to impact viewers so we could inherit knowledge from our project in order to further see the problem we were discussing.

  1. I feel as if yall did a wonderful job setting up your project and making a difference politically. Your video was well made and you did present a serious problem in voting turnout. However I feel that you all should have made a better effort in making the video more intresting to grab the attention of more people so you could have recieved more views on your video and therefore making a bigger political impact. Other than that the message was presented well and the idea was creative and your process and completing the project was very well done.

    • Thank you for your feed back Will. I think your point about making the video more attention grabbing is a great idea. It could have made the video itself more impactful.

  2. I like how yall went out to the broader community asking questions about voting interviewing students and workers at local places. I thought it was a good idea to question why? to answers of the interviewee. I really enjoyed the interview of the Saxby’s dude. I think you should just add on the video the purpose of the interviews at the beginning of the video and add the result of the interviews at the end of the video so the viewers could comprehend your overall message and your full impact.

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