Parish Government

‘Your Vote. Your Future’ – Sarah A, Ani A, Caitlin H, and Allie A

In Action on November 4, 2010 at 1:24 am

Sarah A, Ani A, Caitlin H, and Allie A  (all juniors) have formed this project to get young voters age (18-24) involved in the community, and to get a bigger percentage of young voters to participate in voting when they can. In order to succeed in this project we must 1.) Develop a Political Action Project that’s broad in scope, ‘messy’ in details, and real in impact, 2.) Implement the action steps in your project design – engage in political action, and 3.)  Measure the project’s impact on the political process. We gave out wristbands that say “your vote. your future. make an impact” on them at lunch from October 22-29. We hung posters that we made on all four floors advertising our product starting three days before our lunch event. In order for us to measure real impact, customers that choose to fill out the survey and listen to basic facts about the election received a wristband. The mock vote included two questions that were “Who is one candidate in the Republican/Democratic party running for governor in Texas?” and “When you turn eighteen will you go and vote and get involved in your community of voters?” Our group wanted to dedicate all of the profits to an organization called RockTheVote, who’s mission is to engage and build political power for young people in our country.  We had some trouble with permission along the way of our project concerning selling our wristbands but eventually settled on a compromise. Along side of the wristbands, my group and I have made a website called, where we will post our challenges and ideas along the way. We also filmed students of grades Freshman-Senior asking them questions about the political process and what they think about certain issues. We asked them these three questions 1. “What does a senator do, in your own words? Do you know anyone who is running for senator in Texas, and if so what party, Republican or Democrat, do they represent?” 2. “What does the President of the United States do?” and 3. “How often are bi-elections held?” We also contacted Danny Clancy, who is a candidate running for District Attorney presently to see a professionals views on young voters, we asked him 1. “Why do you think younger people age (18-24) have the lowest percentage in voting turnout?” 2. “What are your views on young American impact on society?” and 3. “How do you think younger people can get involved in the community, and help raise awareness about voting?” He answered these questions along the lines of “young Americans are of utmost importance of the success of our government, because they are the future of our country.”

Our project is considered political action because we influenced the young community of voters to get involved and participate in voting. Political action is of or relating to the government or the public affairs of a country to do something that typically is to achieve an aim. We achieved a great feat in our community and created a cultural touchstone for our community. Every time someone looks down at that little white bracelet they will remember the facts we told them about the election and how they can get involved. This is real impact because in order for someone to receive a bracelet they had to listen to basic facts about the election and participate in the mock ‘vote’/ survey. We know that our work has been influential in our neighborhood and we hope to continue our success.


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