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Impact Statement – Iram M, Elianah G, George R

In Impact on November 5, 2010 at 4:17 pm

In our project, as said before, we were assigned to get our voices heard in politics or the community. Our group decided to fix a road. Some may say that has nothing to do with politics but it does have to do with fixing an important part around community. The road being fixed is called FM544. This road is particularly very bad because it has many potholes and ditches that cause accidents. We thought it was bad enough to call the mayor of the city to get this problem fixed. Although it was very hard to get through to him, we still tried but were tossed from person to person. We were sent to the department of transportation, but Gary Bailey was not responding well to us. Therefore, we went back to the Mayor to try again. He responded eagerly, but the time wasn’t allowing us to follow through. The groups’ political action has been meaningful and impactful because it actually got people to realize how messed up the road is. Also, it got people to read our petition and take the time out of their day to actually sign and consider it. My group put out petitions saying how we were looking forward to fix the road and solve the problem. So far, we picked up two petitions that were full of numbers, addresses and peoples’ names saying how they agree the road should be fixed. Each page contained ten different rows for people to fill out with their name, number, and address. There were still fifteen other petitions in other places with the same results we hoped for. 

The project was a success because the community of Castle Hills gathered to fill out the petitions we made. This showed that a group of teenagers could actually have a say in politics and do something about community problems. It was nice to know our petitions got word out to people to see a problem and be fixed. If it wasn’t for the group and I, the people probably would have kept patching up the pot holes and gone on with their normal lives living with a dangerous rode that could cause more and more accidents. This proves teens not only have to do something beyond measures to get their voices heard out publicly. But, they could simply fix a problem within their community and get people involved as well.

  1. The idea that you all were willing to get so involved within your community is inspiring. I think that if you had been granted more time your voices probably would have been heard. I think you all chose a very worthy cause and I do think it is important that the government fixes the problem at hand. I’m sure your efforts meant a lot to your community and those who have to endure that road. I hope that the government will rethink helping you all out because that would have a great impact on your community. This project made me realize that government is reachable and just because we see the mayor on TV doesn’t mean we can’t reach out to them as real people. I think often times we forget that government is there to help us and by the way you all reached out for help reminds me that I can do the same if I ever have a similar problem.

    • Thank you Kinsey for your honest opinion. It was not only educational, but fun. Our group was happy to talk to the mayor and get our voices out to get this problem fixed.

  2. It’s so easy to overlook these issues that may seem inconsequential but are, in fact, serious. Good for you for stepping up. I’m sure it was gratifying to see such a positive response.

  3. Thank you for responding and supporting our opinion on the matter. We hope you continue to follow our progress as we continue our project.

  4. We think its really cool that ya’ll decided to take on such a big project, even if you don’t get the road fixed you have captured the attention of your community and its leaders. We hope that ya’ll will accomplish all that you want to.

    • Thank you, our plan is to continue this project until we can get the city to fix the road. Hopefully more people will step up and help us get the mayor to realize that this is something that needs to be done.

  5. The notion that just a few teenagers can get involved in public policy and issues of safety and transportation is inspiring. Although the project was time sensitive I agree with others that with more time the full impact of the project would have occurred. Fixing a single road is a single step in the broad goal of achieving political awareness. I was also a little concerned with how much time it took to reach individuals about the road, I think it would be neat to address this issue by attempting easier access to politicians. The project sounds very neat, hopeful the road will get fixed. Thanks

    • Thank you for responding to our project. It was very difficult to find the right project that concerned our whole group, but we were very aware of the issue. Currently they have started to work on the area but not the road itself.

  6. The idea to tackle a local issue was great. It sounds like you realized how much difficult it was to actually find who was in control of the situation. Government has a lot of “red tape” and often there is a lot of run around. I hope you continue to pursue this issue. Great idea!

    • Thank you for responding to our project. It was very difficult to find the right perosn to talk to about our issues. Currently they have started to work on the area but not the road itself.

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