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Pledge to Vote – Kendall H, Katherine D, and Alanna M

In Action on November 5, 2010 at 3:57 pm

How will we get young adults more involved in the political process? That was the question that our group was determined to answer and change. We then began to brainstorm, on our wiki we looked at links about other young adults who are making a difference in the political process; this inspired us. After brainstorming for a while both with each other and through our Google sites we came up with an idea. An idea we felt will help us address this issue. We were going to inform our peers about how as a generation we need to become more politically involved. By doing so we will not only make our generation more aware, but we will also encourage them to make a pledge to vote and become more politically.

Our first step was to make a Facebook page that showed how our generation lacked political efficacy and that talked about how this was a problem that needs to be changed. We titled the Facebook page, “Pledge to vote.” If someone liked our page, they make a pledge that they will be more politically involved and vote as soon as they are of age. This Facebook page consisted of a video and a description that consisted of statics, websites and a statement that addressed our issue.

In our description box on the Facebook page, we stated how our generation isn’t very politically active and how this problem needs to change. We also shared website links that we feel will encourage young adults to vote and showed them statics about the voting habits of our generation. We also stated how this page’s purpose is to get young adults informed about being more politically active and getting them to pledge to vote when they are of age.

Our second step was to make a video that consisted of recorded interviews of students from our school. The students ranged from ages 14-18 and had very different political views and backgrounds. They also had different levels of political efficacy. We asked them seven different questions that informed us of how politically aware they were, their views and their opinion on why young adults don’t vote. The seven questions were: who was the commander and chief of the army right now, who becomes the president if the president and the vice president are unable, who do they want to be the governor of Texas, what political party do their parents identify themselves with, what political party do they identify themselves with, why they don’t think young adults ages 18-24 don’t vote and will they vote when they are able.

Our final step regarding the Facebook page was to invite all of our Facebook friends to join. By inviting all of our Facebook friends we are spreading the word about how our generation needs to be more politically active and how we are encouraging them to pledge to vote. From there it was up to young adults to go onto the page, and their likes and video watches would show us how much of an impact we were able to make.

  1. Your idea of trying to get people invovled through Facebook and your Youtube video were really good ideas. They obviously impacted multiple people, and if they’re still up, they should continue to! We’re really interested and want to check them out! We would encourage you all to continue to try and effect others, as well as expanding your horizons of who you’re reaching! But overall, good job.

    • Thanks so much for the comment. Your input is appreciated. Since now we have had more people “like” our facebook group and view our video so I do believe that our project was a success.

  2. I feel that your way of getting people politically involved was successful due to the Facebook page and the Youtube video. The questions that were asked proved that younger Americans can make a political impact. The results of the project, which were the views of the Facebook page, show that people did get involved due to your help and that your group has had an affect on the viewers because of the video and the information put on the page. This was a really good idea and if the group is able to keep the Facebook page up along with the video, the numbers of the viewers will continue to grow which will increase your impact of helping younger Americans get involved and feel that they have political efficacy.

  3. I really like this idea. the fact that you used facebook to get the info out to your peers was a very smart move in my oppinion. The majority of people in our generation get on facebook atleast weekly, even though you didnt get an outrageous number of likes, i think you made an impact upon alot of people. Many more people than you think probably read it. The video is also interesting, it makes me want to become more involved and figure out the answers to the questions you asked. Overall i believe that your project was very impactful, the inclusion of two different parts to your project made it very effective.

  4. Social networking is definitely a mainstay in communicating with your generation. Using Facebook was a good idea. With time I wonder how many more people you could reach out to as friends of friends could see your page. I would like to see you continue with this action and see where it goes.

  5. Thanks so much for the comment. Your input is appreciated. Since now we have had more people “like” our facebook group and view our video so I do believe that our project was a success. I hope that we have more supporters in the future and more people pledge to vote!

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