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Impact Statement – Alanna, Kendall, Katherine

In Uncategorized on November 12, 2010 at 3:42 pm

Our group wanted to make an impact on young adults. This group’s political action has been meaningful through our video and Facebook page. Our video was the main tool we used to effect people. It showed how little young adults actually know about common government knowledge, political affairs and most importantly how they don’t feel a need to get involved. This showed young adults lack of political efficacy. Reasons said for why young adults don’t vote ranged from not being informed about politics to not caring about going to the polls. The one that seemed most common was that the students thought their vote wouldn’t make a difference, and that’s why they weren’t involved or voting. We took that lack of political efficacy and involvement and centered all those thoughts into our Facebook page. We put the statistics on of the percent of young adults that actually voted in the last election and stated that these numbers need to be higher. These things, the video and Facebook page, made our project meaningful because it showed real people’s views and real statistics to actually make people think. Also using recognizable people from around the Parish Episcopal School helped students connect with the thoughts of the people who were interviewed.

Our impact was made through everything we did, but made concrete in our Facebook page. There are a total of 61 people who liked it, and a total of 76 people looked at it. This means that 76 people looked at our page and saw how young adults need to make a change. Our slogan was “One Vote. One Pledge. Make a difference.” This meant that when people liked the page they made a pledge to vote when they were of age. Our impact was on 61 people liking it; that means an extra 61 people are going to vote when they are of age. We had 27 people watch our video, which means 27 people are informed of how uneducated young Americans are and how they need to look to themselves to make a change. We also put to “like” our YouTube video on Facebook if you agree we need to make a change in the involvement of young adults in government; we had a total of 8 people like this. Our impact was showing those people how we need a change, and seeing how little our generation knows. We were able to inform 76 people about how uninvolved or uneducated young adults are, and hopefully they will pass it on to others so that more young adults know just how much of a change there needs to be.


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