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Impact Statement – Kate, Aaron, Nathan, Alexis

In Impact on November 16, 2010 at 8:12 am

Our group as a whole feels as though young Americans of today’ society are not necessarily uninvolved in politics on a voting standard, instead there is a recurring lack of belief that young Americans can truly have a voice. Our survey showed that while many of the students cared, they felt as though they had no voice and even if they were of voting age they would still feel as if they would not have a strong voice because it is only one vote. They also expressed great concern toward the fact that there is a lack of acceptance by the older generations. Often times they ignore or see the youth’s point of views as insignificant because the older generations believe that the youth of America do not care about politics. The article we submitted to the Preston Hollow People will show people of all ages that younger Americans do care about politics. It is our goal to change their minds and see the population of young Americans as new and fresh ideas rather than unconcerned adolescents as they have previously been labeled.

Not only will these ideas of misinterpretations about young people influence older Americans, but also it will show the young Americans that their ideas and opinions do matter if they are willing to voice them and prove themselves. In our survey we asked a series of questions such as: do you care about politics?, do you feel you have a voice in the political process?, do you feel as though politics affects your daily life?, do you pay attention to current affairs?, and would you care more if you had a stronger voice in the political process? The responses showed that 68 percent of the students interviewed do care about politics and 76 percent of students agree that politics plays a role in and affects daily life. Although, 64 percent felt as though they do not have a voice in the political process, 72 percent said that if they were to have a stronger voice they would care much more.  These surveys brought up conversations about politics and we were able to explain to the students who were did not care them the importance of being involved in one-way or another. We also encouraged that people make a voice for themselves rather than waiting around for someone else to give them one.  Although we only have the responses to 25 individuals, many of the people interviewed were sitting with other people who heard the entire conversation and were also able to benefit from the ideas and concerns presented. With the survey results we will be able to prove to older generations that America’s youth does care.

As a way to make these results easily accessible we submitted a summary of our research and survey results to the Preston Hollow People. Many people within the Preston Hollow community read this news publication. Our submission is short and concise with a message to readers of all ages. To the older generations we hope to instill a sense of open mindedness toward the ideas and opinions of younger Americans. To those younger Americans our goal is to show them they can have a voice if they become involved and are not afraid to share their opinions. It is our goal to impact everyone that reads this article to realize that America’s youth has been mislabeled and if they are listened to they may have valuable, new ideas that our country can benefit from.


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