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The Impact of Community – Zander and Henri

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The impact of Strong Youth, Weak Voices correlates directly with the involvement of the youth of our community. Because it is primarily a forum and viewer-centered Youtube series, without certain levels of involvement by youth between 14 and 24, SYWV is nothing. Therefore, SYWV is much like a train: it requires great time and energy to get rolling, but once rolling, it should not stop until it reaches its destination; in this case, a primary and leading political youth group.

At this time, the SYWV forum has received over 110 visits, and has 10 members. These numbers may seem insignificant, but they will grow, and as they grow, the enticement for others to join the forum will grow. Similarly, in terms of numbers, the message portrayed in the videos of Strong Youth, Weak Voices has reached over 60 –61 to be exact– people as well, while the Youtube user page itself has received 117 views, and one subscriber. On a smaller scale, the blog page of SYWV has received 15 visitors. In total, SYWV has been visited over 300 times in one aspect or another.

At SYWV, it is a primary idea that every person makes a difference, whether it be their vote, or them being influenced. Seeing how SYWV has reached over 300 youth, it shows what a significant change it has made.

The most important indication of the impact that SYWV has had on the youth of America is the distance in which it has traveled. On the various sites and groups, SYWV has appeared in six different states: Texas, California, Minnesota, New Mexico, Tennessee and Rhode Island. Also, the members of the forum are not only in our community of Dallas, but San Antonio, Austin and Albuquerque as well. A similar indication of the scope of SYWV is the fact that the interviews seen on Youtube by SYWV, were not performed in Dallas, but rather San Antonio, showing the activism that SYWV has inspired in the youth that it reaches.

Also, the impact of SYWV can be perceived in the further interest that peers have shown in the activity. The person that performed the interviews has shown interest in doing more, and has indicated that she will implore her friends, relatives and peers to do the same. That being said, the future of SYWV voices could be seen in promising projections of increased forum members, active Youtube viewers and subscribers and blog visitors.

SYWV could currently be compared to a small forest fire. However, the thing about a forest fire  is that, if left unchecked, could spread and rage for great distances and time. SYWV has already showed similar traits in the distance that its message has traveled. And also, a forest fire in a field of dried nettles would become furious. SYWV is the forest fire, and the uninformed youth of America are the nettles.


Impact Statement – Shahrukh, Meghan, Tanner, and Erin

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I think we can all agree that voter turnout in the United States is not as high as it should be; not only in presidential elections, but also in local elections. There are many reasons that could lead to inadequate voter turnout. Some people just do not care about elections, others do not approve of voting methods, but the main reason is a lack of political efficacy. Political efficacy is defined as a “sense of own influence or effectiveness in politics.” Therefore, a lack of political efficacy is to believe that one’s single vote would not make a difference in the result of an election. This is when political action comes into play. Political action is not only participating in political processes, such as elections, but also making an impact and promoting your ideas to the public by speaking your voice. It is true that much of the United States population cannot vote because of age, but that shouldn’t stop high school students from influencing others to vote and increasing voter turnout.

Our group, “Take a Step, Make a Change,” carried out a project to make an impact on the voter turnout for the November 2, 2010 election. Our project consisted of interviewing young and old Americans, asking them basic questions about our country and about their participation in politics. Regardless of their answer, we informed them about voting and the impact that their one vote can have. To prove this to them, we showed them evidence of the 2000 Bush v. Gore election. Although Al Gore won the popular vote, he did not win the election because George Bush won the electoral vote. The election came down to the state of Florida, which Bush won by .01%. Our interviewees realized that their vote can make the difference in an election. We knew that we had reached our goal because our interviewees each pledged to “spread the word to vote.”          

In conclusion, anybody can make a difference when it comes to politics. It is not necessary to be able to vote or to be in a political action committee. One can make an impact by urging people to speak their own voice and trying to increase voter turnout. As we proved, a very small amount of votes can turn an election around. We took the step and made a change and now we urge everybody to take a step and make a change.

Impact Statement – Alanna, Kendall, Katherine

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Our group wanted to make an impact on young adults. This group’s political action has been meaningful through our video and Facebook page. Our video was the main tool we used to effect people. It showed how little young adults actually know about common government knowledge, political affairs and most importantly how they don’t feel a need to get involved. This showed young adults lack of political efficacy. Reasons said for why young adults don’t vote ranged from not being informed about politics to not caring about going to the polls. The one that seemed most common was that the students thought their vote wouldn’t make a difference, and that’s why they weren’t involved or voting. We took that lack of political efficacy and involvement and centered all those thoughts into our Facebook page. We put the statistics on of the percent of young adults that actually voted in the last election and stated that these numbers need to be higher. These things, the video and Facebook page, made our project meaningful because it showed real people’s views and real statistics to actually make people think. Also using recognizable people from around the Parish Episcopal School helped students connect with the thoughts of the people who were interviewed.

Our impact was made through everything we did, but made concrete in our Facebook page. There are a total of 61 people who liked it, and a total of 76 people looked at it. This means that 76 people looked at our page and saw how young adults need to make a change. Our slogan was “One Vote. One Pledge. Make a difference.” This meant that when people liked the page they made a pledge to vote when they were of age. Our impact was on 61 people liking it; that means an extra 61 people are going to vote when they are of age. We had 27 people watch our video, which means 27 people are informed of how uneducated young Americans are and how they need to look to themselves to make a change. We also put to “like” our YouTube video on Facebook if you agree we need to make a change in the involvement of young adults in government; we had a total of 8 people like this. Our impact was showing those people how we need a change, and seeing how little our generation knows. We were able to inform 76 people about how uninvolved or uneducated young adults are, and hopefully they will pass it on to others so that more young adults know just how much of a change there needs to be.