Parish Government

Government at Parish

The goal of our Government course at Parish is to produce young scholar-citizens, the sort who are absolutely essential to the health of a democracy such as the United States. Despite the common pejorative use of the word, ‘politics’ serves us well: it describes the process we use to bring our American society together through deliberative dialogue and compromise. The instructor hopes that the study of government and economics will kindle an interest in policy and politics that results in action taken to benefit the community.

In short, We aim to prepare students for responsible citizenship.

These projects, then, are examples of what good can happen when students, working in collaborative groups, have freedom to create authentic political action, go out into the community and act, and then reflect on the meaningful impact they’ve made.

Follow Mr. Ostroff’s and his Government class at our course website.
Follow Mr. Ostroff on Twitter: @DaveOstroff


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