Parish Government

Students’ Projects

Each student group has submitted two documents:

The first, listed below under the heading of POLITICAL ACTION,  is a brief narrative that describes the group’s political action project in full detail.

The second, under STUDENTS’ REFLECTIONS, is a persuasive document that presents a cogent argument: “the group’s political action has been meaningful and impactful because…” 

Student Group  Political Action  Students’ Reflections
Sarah, Allie, Caitlin H, Analisa  Your Vote, Your Future  Impact Statement
Zander and Henri  Strong Youth, Weak V  Impact Statement
Taryn, Chris, Haley R  Vote Republican!  Impact Statement
Johne and Connor  Blogging for Voters  Impact Statement
Catherine, Austin, Haley B  At the Phone Bank  Impact Statement
Andi, Bri, Andrew, Will N  Clancy for DA  Impact Statement
Elianah, Iram, George R  Lobbying the Mayor  Impact Statement
Cameron, Teal, Dallas, Chris  Bill White for Governor  Impact Statement
Abby, Maui, Holly  Teaching Middle School  Impact Statement
Max, Asante, Kinsey  Helping Veterans  Impact Statement
Alix, Lizzie, Mason  Against Bullying  Impact Statement
Alanna, Kendall, Katherine  Pledge to Vote  Impact Statement
Caitlin C, Jordan, Ben, Eric  Voter (?) Interviews  Impact Statement
Matt, Amber, Hayden, Santiago  Clear Your Throat  Impact Statement
Andrew and George C  Voter Education  Impact Statement
Abby, Hallie, Alex, Addie  Voter Ed Brochure  Impact Statement
Nathan, Kate, Aaron, Lexie  Global Perspectives  Impact Statement
Blake, Logan, Moriah, Arin  On Prop #1  Impact Statement
Meggan, Mark, Haley M  Centers of Influence  Impact Statement
Shahrukh, Tanner, Meghan, Erin  Take a Step, Make a  Change  Impact Statement

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