Parish Government

Students’ Workspaces

“If I had an hour to save the world
I would spend 59 minutes defining the problem
and one minute finding solutions.”
                                                                             – Albert Einstein

Students’ projects represent the culmination of five weeks worth of collaboration, and groups spent much of their time defining the problem and developing action plans. Links below offer a chance to see ‘behind the curtain’ – each group built and maintained a collaborative WIKI in the form of a shared Google site. These WIKIs include brainstorming conversations, links to on-line research, embedded YouTube videos, and survey data that groups collected along the way…

Abby, Hallie, Alex, and Addie
Caitlin, Jordan, Ben, and Eric
Shahrukh, Tanner, Meghan, Erin
Nathan, Kate, Aaron, Lexie
Zander and Henri
Taryn, Chris, and Haley R.
Johne and Connor
Max, Asante, Kinsey
Alix, Lizzie, and Mason
Alanna, Kendall, and Katherine D.
Catherine, Austin, and Haley B.
Andi, Bri, Andrew, and Will N.
Elianah, Iram, and George R.
Cameron, Teal, Dallas, and Chris K
Abby, Maui, and Holly
Matt, Amber, Hayden, and Santiago
Andrew and George
Blake, Logan, Moriah, and Arin
Meggan, Mark, and Haley M.
Sarah, Allie, Caitlin, and Analisa


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