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“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”
                                        – M. K. Gandhi 

Younger Americans too often choose to disengage from the political process.

Younger Americans (ages 18-24) are less involved in the political process than fellow citizens who are older. According to this report from the US Census Bureau: “In 2008, younger citizens (18-24) had the lowest voting rate (49 percent), while citizens who fell into older age groups (45-64 and 65-plus) had the highest voting rates (69 percent and 70 percent, respectively).”

Citizens’ sense of political efficacy (ie, their perception that participating in the political process matters) is a significant psychological factor that affects levels of participation in the political process.

 TASK: “An Authentic Search for Engagement”
Collaborate to develop an action project that demonstrates – in an authentic way –  that students’ participation in the political process matters. AND ALSO: see your meaningful, impactful political action as an example that can inspire other young Americans to participate, too.

STEP 1  Develop action steps for a project design that offers an example of political action that might be a ‘solution’ to the problem outlined above.
STEP 2  GO DO IT! Document your political action; and
STEP 3  Reflect: to what extent has your project been meaningful and impactful?


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