Parish Government


What happens when 65 juniors and seniors collaborate to develop political action projects that demonstrate – in an authentic way – that students’ participation in the political process matters?

Students’ work is most meaningful when students themselves offer their visions of political action. The pursuit of authenticity requires that students have freedom to create what’s most relevant to them. I am hopeful that these projects can serve as an ‘antidote’ to the prevailing views among members of their generation who, when it comes to the political process, so often choose indifference rather than engagement.

These projects, then, serve as examples of what good can happen when students, working in collaborative groups, have freedom to create authentic political action, go out into the community and act, and then reflect on the meaningful impact they’ve made.

COMPLETE COLLECTION – An Authentic Search for Engagement:


  • The Bigger Picture (about the instructor’s rationale and purpose for the assignment)
  • The Course (an overview of Parish Episcopal’s Government course)
  • The Assignment (the teacher’s initial instructions for students)



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